Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Our Foundation Virgins....

I bought my first foundation a week before my wedding,at age 25,MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation.I knew I wanted a powder one because I had very oily skin. I always felt my face looked like a "kadhai"(pan) full of oil and as if mom had just fried "samosas" (Indian pastry made of potatoes..must try if u don't know what i am talking about).However, when I moved to Los Angeles after my wedding, the same foundation that looked flawless in India made me look like a powdery ghost here. My skin no longer looked oily in LA becos of lack of humidity as compared to Mumbai ,and hence the "ghost finish".So I bought myself the MAC Studio Tech in NC30 and a Blacktrack Fluidline.My idea of makeup was foundation,eyeliner and lipstick. Tryin to figure out how to use the blacktrack fluidline I googled it and Voila....I found sooooo many videos on it....I felt like Alice in Wonderland...there was this entire community that made videos about beauty products,made tutorials and did reviews for newbies like me. One video after another...one youtube subscription after another...I discovered primers,foundations,blushes,lipglosses,eye pencils, eyeshadows, MAC, MUFE and there was no looking back.I have come a long way from the MAC, realizing it breaks me out even though the shade matches perfect...I now use Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet + in No.40 in summers and Make Up For Ever's HD foundation in No.128.

For those who are not already aware...our great blogger Christine of Temptalia has set up a google spreadsheet where you can see what color of one foundation could be equivalent to the shade in another foundation.Personally I think its the best thing she has done for the makeup addicts.Click here to visit the page.

8 Commandments of Foundation
1.Thou shall not buy the lightest shade in order to look fair.

2.Thou shall always test the foundation in daylight. Never rely on how it looks in the store.

3.Thou shall ask for sample and see if it suits your skin before buying it.

4.Thou shall not try testers without appropriate applicators.you do not know who or what touched that bottle.

5.Thou shall always use moisturizer before applying the foundation.

6. Thou shall throw away the bottle once it expires. Do not use that same product for the next 5 years. You are buying foundation not stocks.

7.Thou shall always blend the foundation with your neck ears and back of the neck, unless you are going for the "look I am wearing foundation" look.

8.Thou shall always remove the foundation before going to sleep.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

About Beauty Bloggers Inc.

I wish to create a blog which connects my fellow beauty bloggers in this world of bits and bytes(remember I told u I was a geek). I appreciate the hard work people are putting behind videos and blog posts, and just want them all conglomerated at one place.

So watch out for stuff that impresses me !!